Jennifer Kite-Powell

…it doesn’t make up for my weakness in substituting your nectars for vanity and leaving your book of poems to sanitized Nordic white pagans in Stockholm.’

— an open apology to Bukowski, Love, Lust, Longing & Truth, 2017



San Antonio, Texas.

author, poet, writer, human

Jennifer Kite-Powell is a southern writer born in San Antonio, Texas, raised in Georgia and lived in Europe for the past decade before settling back in the US in Brooklyn, NY.

Jennifer writes from her heart and her first book, Love, Lust, Longing and Truth was published in 2017. Her debut work of poetry is a candid and raw expression of triumphs and setbacks we all experience in love, lust, longing and truth.

Jennifer is also tech writer who looks at the impact of technology art, culture, environment, health and industry. She is working on her second novel, Thrust and several short stories.


That’s not my problem.


A woman who writes



Love, Lust, Longing & Truth, 2017


Art work by Chantal Calato

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Tech & innovation contributor, Forbes

Prose in progress

Thrust. Short, short stories, rants, essays and story poems for the soul. Coming November 2020.