This writer is many things.


Rational Creative (think content & strategy)

I create journalistic content and micro content for tech brands and personalities around the world.

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Tech Journalist  & Writer

I'm a technology, science & arts writer and narrative journalist. I cover the intersection of tech and science with art, environment, culture, health, agriculture and robotics as a contributor for Forbes and formerly Modern American News

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Bespoke emcee & speaker

I'm a frequent moderator of mobile, VR/AR, artificial intelligence, biotech and robotics panels with industry leaders.

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Author & Poet

Love, Lust, Longing & Truth was published in 2017. The poetry is both autobiographical musings and satire that not only challenges your perception of poetry but also the social constructs around those four words - love, lust, longing and truth. 

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A bold and exhilarating collection of erotic, stream-of-consciousness poems.
— Kirkus Reviews