I bring a journalist’s perspective the sessions or panels I moderate. As a frequent moderator and thoughtfully opinionated personality, I lend my unique voice to the conversation and am not afraid to ask the hard questions.

My international background -- having lived more than 10 years living abroad in Europe and working with a variety of people, personalities and cultures in the technology — gives me a distinctive perspective and adds another layer of depth to the conversations she has on stage.


Fireside chats & stage interviews


Celebrity & Tech interviews


A 'Yellow Carpet' interview at the premiere of National Geographic's documentary film, Jane, about the life of Dr. Jane Goodall. The interviews with Jennifer Kite-Powell, Tech Contributor, Forbes, feature Dr. Jane Goodall, Jamie Lee Curtis, Jane Lynch and Ed Begley Jr.

The New Cambrian Era, Biotech 4.0. A fireside chat at Pioneers Festival with Bill Liao, Investment Partner - SOS Ventures, @liaonet Ryan Bethencourt, Co-Founder - Berkeley Biolabs, @RyanBethencourt led by Jennifer Kite-Powell Hicks, Tech Contributor - Forbes, @jennalee.

BEHIND THE GLOWING PLANT PROJECT Antony Evans, Glowing Plant Project Jennifer Hicks, Forbes @jennalee Glowing Plant raised nearly 500K to create biological sustainable lighting with the hope that one day this can reduce CO2 emissions from street lighting. The project was not without controversy.

Massive Talk podcast. Created, hosted and produced for a creative agency in London, England.